Marine Patrol

The Jefferson County Marine Division is currently staffed by one full time Captain and three patrol deputies. All members involved with the program are fully certified through the Basic Marine Law Enforcement Academy, which is sponsored, by Washington State Parks and the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.

Through a contract with Washington State Parks and the United States Coast Guard, the program receives annual funding from the State of Washington and the Federal Government, which covers the costs of manpower, training, equipment and other expenses.

Marine unit services include: marine patrols on all navigable waterways in the county; both fresh and salt water, boater safety services, inspections, criminal investigations of marine related incidents and boating accident investigations. An aggressive policy emphasizes safety of the boating public by enforcing the laws dealing directly with safety equipment and safe boat operation.

The marine patrol unit provides a primary presence on all water related search and rescue activities and provides a platform for the sheriff’s dive rescue/recovery team. The Dive Rescue Team is comprised of two deputies, one reserve deputy and one volunteer. The marine unit and dive rescue team are available and on notice for 24 hour response to any emergency on the water.

The unit utilizes one patrol boat, the Integrity. The "Integrity" was placed into service on February 27, 2002 replacing its predecessor. She is a custom and locally built 24ft. aluminum boat, which is powered by twin 115 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motors. The vessel is equipped with all the necessary equipment and electronics required for several types of multi-agency emergencies.

The marine unit is dedicated to its primary mission of increasing boating and water safety. The unit’s full time deputy and one reserve deputy are certified as boating safety/water safety instructors. The unit spends time with local elementary schools, local scouting/explorer groups and the public promoting safety.

Recently Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission chose Jefferson County Marine Patrol as the winner of the “Marine Law Enforcement Program of the Year for 2002”.

For more information on the program contact Captain Mike Stringer of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, by phone at 360-385-3831 ext. 566,  or by email